Don’t wait until brands discover you!

Monetize your audience

Whether you have 2K or 1M followers we are happy to work with small and large influencers with varying interests.

Pick promotions you like

You can choose promotions and advertise brands you like. KashKlik allows influencers to search for campaigns and pick the most exciting ones.

Get paid for clicks

You earn as much as your audience trusts you. Get paid via PayPal as soon as the promotion is over or you have reached the cap. Transparent and safe.

What is KashKlik?

KashKlik allows you to monetize your audience by creating promotions in which you will be paid to share advertisement campaigns.With KashKlik you will get paid for each follower who clicks on a link you are promoting. The bigger your audience and the higher the engagement you generate, the more you will get paid.

Search for existing advertiser promotions, pick the ones you like, and begin to earn money immediately by promoting your favorite ones.


Frequently Asked Questions

KashKlik is a marketplace for influencers with any sized of the audience. Whether you have 2K or 1M followers, you can post about anything, beauty, cars, gadgets, or anything else. We invite you to use our platform.

Currently, KashKlik supports the following platforms.

We are constantly growing and working on adding new platforms!

You are free to work with any other influencer marketing platform. We don’t limit you here.

However, only with KashKlik will you be able to find campaigns to promote immediately. We think that our influencers know their audience best, and provide them a freedom of choice regarding which campaigns to pick.

One more important thing is that you get paid for clicks from your post, you write, meaning that you are in control of your income potential. The more passionate you are and the better you know your audience, the more money you will be able to make. Sounds awesome, right?

You will be able to see the number of clicks from your post in your dashboard and will know in advance how much you will get paid once the campaign is over or you have reached the cap of clicks.

Then you can easily withdraw money to your PayPal account. If you didn’t reach the cap, it’s ok, you can post the link again in order to reach the cap or just wait for the campaign to end. (It’s listed in campaign description).

Absolutely not! KashKlik is free for influencers. We will never ask you to pay anything.

We earn money on the commission that advertisers pay when they promote on KashKlik.

A great question! We are working on this feature right now and will update you by e-mail.

We know that influencers know plenty of other influencers, and we will be happy to see you all on KashKlik. That’s why we created our referral program. To make it short, you will get a commission from each campaign that your friends promote. It’s an amazing deal! And no, we will not take a percentage of his/her income.

After we implement this feature, you will find the “Invite friends” button. 


No-one knows your audience as good as you do! So feel free to edit advertiser’s post. However, don’t forget to be compliant with instructions (e.g. sometimes advertisers want you to use a specific synonym or emphasize a specific quality.)


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