Get endorsed by thousands of micro-influencers with just one button

Experience the power of Micro-Influencer Marketing

Micro-influencers enjoy higher engagement (compared to bigger influencers). Ads are not blocked by ad blockers, and, compared to banners, are actually seen.

Pay only for real results

KashKlik charges per click (PPC) from influencer’s posts. Our unique SmartLink tracks the source, protects from fraud, and ensures that advertisers pay only for real clicks.

Push campaign to thousands of micro-influencers in 1 click

Your brand can be endorsed by thousands of micro-influencers simultaneously on their social media accounts. No need to get in touch with each influencer.

Save valuable time

Finding influencers and getting in touch with each one takes a lot of time. KashKlik has already settled it for you. Just post your campaign and wait until targeted influencers will pick it.

Using Machine Learning to target your audience

Empowered by Machine Learning, KashKlik helps advertisers find the best influencers that will correspond to the target criteria and produce the best results.

Create campaigns of any budget

You can start promoting your brand with any budget. Set your target audience, goals and price per click.

It usually takes hours to research, identify, contact, and discuss the terms and conditions with influencers in your niche. KashKlik simplified this process. Based on campaign targeting, KashKlik pushes promotions directly to influencers.

Empowered by Machine Learning, our platform will match your promotion by targeting the best performing influencers to drive the optimal results. The advertiser pays only for real clicks from influencer’s posts.

What is KashKlik?

KashKlik is the only truly scalable Influencer marketing platform. Studies show, that it takes hours of routine work when it comes to Influencer marketing campaigns. Instead of discovering influencers and getting in touch with each one, we let our influencers pick advertiser’s promotions and create posts in the most efficient way.

We use Machine Learning to match your targeting with influencers globally and define the best match. As soon as influencers see your offer, they can start promoting.


Why use KashKlik?

Typically, influencer marketing is based on a pay-per-post model. However, it’s impossible to measure the impact of a specific influencer. As an advertiser using KashKlik, you pay only for real clicks (pay-per-click) from influencer’s posts.

While other platforms and agencies charge large sums of money and set-up fees, with KashKlik you’re able to start promoting from as low as $100.

No more waste of time! No more endless terms and conditions!

Just register on KashKlik, create an offer, set your price per click, and start promoting immediately!


Frequently asked questions

Currently KashKlik supports the following platforms.

We are constantly growing and working on adding new platforms!

Influencer marketing is a huge trend. But the problem is that big influencers charge a lot per post. However, micro-influencers (2K-100K followers) are much more affordable and perform better.

The problem is that to reach them, it requires many hours of your time. Powered by Machine Learning, KashKlik automatically finds appropriate influencers that correspond to your targeting and pushes campaigns directly to them.

As soon as an influencer has picked your campaign, you pay only for clicks on his post to your website. Isn’t that amazing?

As an advertiser, you can start with as low as $100. You don’t have to pay for anything unless your ad is clicked. As do all companies in performance marketing, we take a platform commission.

You set your maximum budget. We won’t take a penny more.

You can target audience by various characteristics: GEO (by country), number of followers, language and interests.


Create an advertiser account (it’s free)


Start from
$ 100

 Start using KashKlik right now. No setup fee. No maintenance fee. You will pay only for clicks on your advertisement. KashKlik will take a small commission – and that’s it! Cost of the click varies depending on GEO and targeting.

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