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Are you an influencer?

Don’t wait until brands discover you! Earn money now by promoting your favorite campaigns. KashKlik gives you a unique opportunity to find offers from top brands and promote them.

Search for existing promotions of advertisers, pick the ones that you like and earn money immediately by promoting your favorite ones.

Promote brands you like

Register on KashKlik and discover campaigns you can start promoting right now!

Monetize your audience

Promote campaigns on social networks and get paid for each click from your post

Transparent and secure

Know exactly how much you will earn and get paid directly to your PayPal account

Are you an advertiser?

Get your campaigns promoted by hundreds of micro-influencers with a single click. No more time-consuming individual negotiations. It takes only a few minutes to create a campaign and exploit the power of Influencer Marketing.

Currently we support:

Influencer marketing

Work with hundreds of influencers

Our automated platform enables working simultaneously with hundreds of micro-influencers

Rich targeting powered by Machine Learning

Precise campaign targeting  based on audience GEO, demographics and interests 

Performance-based payment

You only pay for concrete and measurable results (we currently work with a pay-per-click model)


About KashKlik

KashKlik is an AdTech startup founded in 2016. KashKlik is an innovative Influencer Marketing platform that revolutionizes the way advertisers promote campaigns through influencers on social networks.

KashKlik provides advertisers with a single tool to promote campaigns through thousands of micro-influencers at a time.

What do customers think of KashKlik?

KashKlik is the Influencer Marketing platform of the future.

  • "I believe that KashKlik has identified a truly untapped market by a. targeting micro-influencers and b. creating a simple and efficient self-serve product. Some of the biggest overheads and operational issues arising from influencer marketing stem from the high-touch nature of influencer relationships and ever changing demands from clients. By circumnavigating these issues and simplifying the operation KashKlik has established itself as a truly unique player in the influencer space."
    — William Leborgne, Sr. Content Marketing Manager
  • "KashKlik is a unique and powerful PPC platform. My clients and I regularly use it to reach new audiences and grow our businesses. What we love about it is that posts from influencers can reach many people for very little money, also the posts come off as organic and people do not know it is actually an advertisement!"
    — Yoel Israel, PPC Senior Manager
  • Thanks to the team that were inspired by the idea. They targeted the best influencers that yielded very high conversion and great feedbacks from people. I said not “users” – real live people.
    — Yan Shapiro, Cinema Dating CEO/Founder

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