KashKlik platform

We are a fully-automated Influencer Marketing Platform. KashKlik brings together a community of advertisers and influencers.

Promote your brand via thousands of influencers with a single click

Experience the power of Micro-Influencer Marketing. Save your time and money.

Powered by Machine Learning

KashKlik helps advertisers find best influencers that will correspond to the targeting criteria and show the best results.


KashKlik charges for clicks (pay-per-click) from influencer’s post. Our SmartLink tracks sources and protects from fraud.

Time saving

Finding influencers and getting in touch with each one takes hours. Just post your campaign and wait until targeted influencers pick it.

Our platform

KashKlik is a micro-influencer Marketing Platform that brings together advertisers and influencers. KashKlik provides the solution that makes influencer marketing transparent and performance-based.

Our platform has a unique pay-per-click model: the influencers are only paid for real clicks and advertisers can track concrete performance metrics.

Micro-influencers look for ways to monetize their audience. KashKlik allows influencers to pick promotions they like and get paid according to the engagement they generate.

At KashKlik, it is the influencer who searches for campaigns rather than the advertiser searching for influencers. Different from all existing Influencer Marketing platforms, Kashklik has a much more intuitive model giving the influencers the flexibility to promote the campaigns that fit their audience and make decisions about timing and trends.

The bigger the influencer’s audience and the higher their generated engagement, the more they will get paid.

KashKlik allows advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns with concrete metrics, so that they only pay for real engagement.

KashKlik’s platform provides the most effective way to leverage the potential of Influencer Marketing, with easily measurable ROI.


What marketers think about KashKlik

  • "I believe that KashKlik has identified a truly untapped market by a. targeting micro-influencers and b. creating a simple and efficient self-serve product. Some of the biggest overheads and operational issues arising from influencer marketing stem from the high-touch nature of influencer relationships and ever changing demands from clients. By circumnavigating these issues and simplifying the operation KashKlik has established itself as a truly unique player in the influencer space."
    — William Leborgne, Sr. Content Marketing Manager
  • "KashKlik is a unique and powerful PPC platform. My clients and I regularly use it to reach new audiences and grow our businesses. What we love about it is that posts from influencers can reach many people for very little money, also the posts come off as organic and people do not know it is actually an advertisement!"
    — Yoel Israel, PPC Senior Manager
  • Thanks to the team that were inspired by the idea. They targeted the best influencers that yielded very high conversion and great feedbacks from people. I said not “users” – real live people.
    — Yan Shapiro, Cinema Dating CEO/Founder

A powerful tool to skyrocket your influencer marketing in 5 minutes

No more waste of time and money. Influencer marketing 2.0: concrete.

Skyrocket your influencer marketing in 5 minutes

Yes, you heard it right. Just 5 minutes to set up your profile and start promoting your product


There’s no need to pay if you don’t get any clicks from your advertisement. As simple as that.

Unbelievably scalable

While other platforms charge thousands of dollars per influencer’s posts, we provide services to clients with any budget.


Instead of wasting time on searching for influencers and learning about them, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the power of Machine Learning.

Start from
$ 100

 Start using KashKlik right now. No setup fee. No maintenance fee. You will pay only for clicks on your advertisement. KashKlik will take a small commission – and that’s it! Cost of the click varies depending on GEO and targeting.

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