You probably know that nowadays Israel is being called the Startup Nation.
Israel has a huge concentration of startup companies competing in the global market.
These companies are responsible for much of the growth of the Israeli economy.
Thanks to technological development, Israel has become a first-world country.

Many Olim (immigrants) contributed to the success of the Israeli industry.
Recently three Olim from South America teamed up to create a new startup: KashKlik.
Hayim Makabee, from Rio de Janeiro, emigrated to Israel in 1992 and studied at the Technion.
Jacob Kutschenko, from São Paulo, made Aliyah in 2010 and completed his studies in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Ariel Verbner, from Buenos Aires, made Aliyah more recently: in 2015.

Their company, KashKlik, is an Influence Marketing platform.
The idea is to promote marketing campaigns through influencers on social networks.
At KashKlik influencers choose the campaigns they want to promote and are paid per click.
The platform is already operational and reaches a global audience of more than 15 million people.

At this moment KashKlik is looking for investments to grow faster.
A crowdfunding campaign was created where private investors can buy shares of the company.
See the campaign details here, including lots of additional information about KashKlik:

This is a unique opportunity for you to also become part of the Startup Nation!

All the best,

Hayim, Ariel & Jacob