It’s a big day. KashKlik crowdfunding campaign has started. Now anyone can invest in the Influencer Marketing platform of the future.

What is KashKlik?
We are a marketplace that automatically connects advertisers and influencers in Social Media.

What problems does KashKlik solve?
Brands tend to work with big influencers because it’s easier to establish connection with one person rather than hundreds of micro-influencers. Meanwhile, there’s a huge market of micro-influencers who enjoy higher engagement. Micro-influencers want to monetize their audience, but the advertisers do not have an efficient way to work with them. Another industry problem is the lack of proper campaign performance measurement.

What does KashKlik do?
We enable advertisers to promote their campaigns through an unlimited number of micro-influencers. The influencers can search for campaigns and pick whatever fit them, earning money for every click they bring.

Why KashKlik will succeed?
As a tech company, KashKlik solves Influencer Marketing problems using automated processes. As a result, it takes almost no efforts to promote a campaign via a huge number of micro-influencers. Using Machine Learning algorithms, KashKlik is able to predict the best match and pay only for real clicks.

What is the current state of KashKlik?
Unlike most other startups, we are already fully operational. Our marketplace is being used by real advertisers and influencers, with successful campaigns that generate revenue.

If KashKlik already has clients, why do you need to raise money?
We need funds to develop relationships with additional advertisers, attract new influencers and, of course, to continue the development of our platform.

What will I get if I invest?
For US$ 5000 (minimum investment) you will get equity in the company and become a stockholder. In the future, you may be able to sell it with a considerable profit.

How do I invest?
Our campaign has already started on ExitValley. You’re welcome to join. At any stage of the investment you can get in touch with our CEO, Hayim Makabee, and ask questions.

For additional information, please, visit KashKlik campaign page.