Local businesses are now competing in a global market for consumers’ attention. KashKlik enables these businesses to exploit the channel of Influencer Marketing to reach potential customers.

When campaigns are promoted through social media influencers, these campaigns benefit from the influencers’ reputation. People trust the recommendations of influencers, much more than they trust traditional advertisements.

One possible use case would be a women’s fashion brand trying to reach a very specific segment. Suppose this brand offers clothes for young women who practice sports in the UK. Using the tools at KashKlik platform, this brand can target influencers in the UK who frequently post about fashion and sports and whose audience is composed mostly of young women. KashKlik obtains the information about each influencer profile from their past activity on social networks, using advanced Machine Learning algorithms. Thus other influencers who do not have the appropriate profile will not be able to promote this particular campaign.

During the promotion of the campaign, this brand will be able to track concrete engagement metrics, including the exact number of people who reached the campaign’s landing page. The payment to the influencers is performance-based: they get a fixed value per click. KashKlik’s platform automatically takes care of the payment transfer from the brand to the influencer.

Thus the KashKlik platform creates a new experience that engages consumers with brands through influencers in social networks, with the potential to benefit local communities, charities and businesses.